An experienced Windows and or Linux administrator with scripting & automation skills required for a Cloud Infrastructure Role. This is an opportunity to work in an interesting, innovative and cloud focused environment. We focus on the design and automation of cloud infrastructure environments for enterprise and software development, with an emphasis on Amazon Web Services. We are an advanced AWS Consulting Partner, our base is in Dublin and we are building a client portfolio across Europe. You will be part of a dynamic company working in a responsibility driven environment. You will work as part of a team on design, implementation and high level support of Cloud and virtualized infrastructure. Visits to Europe wide customer sites may be required.

You should be one or more of the following;
– Knowledgeable and experienced in Windows environments.
– Knowledgeable and experienced in Linux environments.
– Knowledgeable and experienced in application development environments.
– Experienced in working with Cloud infrastructure.

Some of the skills that would make you suitable for this job are;
– Experience with automation of deployments of servers, code or infrastructure.
– Scripting or coding experience.
– Good knowledge of system administration for Windows or Linux servers and associated applications.
– Deep knowledge of a number of Windows, Linux and development environment related technologies.
– Good knowledge of networks, storage and or databases.
– Familiarity with software development methodologies, tools and environments.

Some of the traits that will make you suitable for this job are;
– Problem solving ability.
– Decision making ability.
– Ability to work independently and take the initiative.
– Ability to take on different roles and challenges.
– Good communication skills and social skills.
– Ability to write clearly and concisely.
– An enthusiasm for technology and learning.

Salary – €55-65k
Benefits – 25 days holidays, 5 “surfdays” and flexitime. You will be able to work remotely when and where suitable. Ongoing training and certification.
Additional benefits after 6 months – Pension, Health Insurance.

Our philosophy:
We believe in a strong work to life balance, so there are times when long days are needed to get things done but it should never be the norm and should balance out over time. We also believe that you should always be learning so we invest in and expect you to be learning all the time. Finally we believe in the familial responsibility of the company to everyone who work there, so although as a business we have a primary objective of being profitable your long-term life and career goals should always be important to us.

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