Cloud Database & Data Warehouse Administrator (AWS & MSSQL)


The Role
A mid-level or senior technical person in the team working with database technologies in AWS projects and operations with a focus on best practices, security and maintenance.
The main focus of this role is Microsoft SQL Databases and Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse clusters, but due to the nature and size of our company, involvement and exposure to many other data and database technologies is guaranteed for the right candidate.
Responsibilities include performance tuning, troubleshooting of production issues, running complex analysis, writing complex procedures and scripts, develop frameworks, manage upgrades and upgrade scripts and more.

The Work

  • A database expert working predominantly with MSSQL at an application and performance DBA level. Has been involved in analysis, design, planning and delivery on key client projects and engagements. This includes database layer optimization for various applications, performance tuning and execution plan analysis.
  • A key player in database optimization and administration within our organization using MSSQL, Redshift, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, EC2, RDS, DMS, DynamoDB, Kinesis, Elasticsearch, EMR and other data related technologies.
  • Working with the project delivery team in a distributed work environment where the work is delivered by TerraAlto team members, third party service providers and client personnel.
  • Building knowledge of new technologies as they become relevant to the organization and our client projects.
  • Serving as a role model by promoting good work practices, technical discussion and ongoing learning.

The Person

  • A technical person who demonstrates strong knowledge and proficiency across a number of technologies with the ability to get things done!
  • Has worked as a valued technical team member.
  • Organized, quality-oriented and able to manage time and priorities.
  • Well able to communicate clearly and concisely in the written and spoken word (in fluent English).
  • A clear-thinking problem solver, who is comfortable making decisions.
  • Courageous and action-oriented – someone who steps forward and gets ‘stuck in’
  • Flexible, creative and comfortable with change.
  • Enthusiastic about learning and ambitious.
  • Someone with a sense of humor and a positive outlook on life.

The Must-have Skills

  • Very strong, performance and app DBA level experience with MSSQL
  • Experience with standard RDBMS, distributed database design and optimization
  • Redshift Performance tuning including;
    • Data modelling and Database Design
    • WLM
  • Experienced with database administration
  • Very good understanding of Postgres / Redshift User Management and security model
  • Comfortable having superuser level access in corporate environments
  • Strong scripting skills
  • Very strong SQL is must, including interaction with System Tables and Views on more than one DB engines
  • Good familiarity with AWS

The Nice-to-have Exposures

  • CI/CD relating to data and databases
  • DDL deployments pipelines
  • ETL and migrations, both traditional and modern
  • Informatica
  • AWS Glue
  • Lambda
  • Source Code Management (GIT / SVN)
  • Scripting
  • PowerShell
  • Python
  • PySpark
  • SneaQL