AWS Cloud Operations and Automation Engineer


A technical person on our team working with AWS technologies with a focus on best practices, security, automation, and innovation. We are a born in the cloud AWS-only technical consultancy and managed service provider. We focus on the design and automation of Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure for enterprise and startup technology companies. We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and an AWS Managed Service Provider Partner, our base is in Smithfield, Dublin and we are building a client portfolio across Europe. We are an evolving and dynamic company working in a responsibility-driven environment.

You will work as part of a team who design, implement and provide high-level support for web hosting services and complex application stacks within AWS. Visits to Europe-wide customer sites may be required.

Benefits – Health insurance. Bonus scheme. Remote working is possible. Extensive ongoing training and certification.

The work;
• Ongoing support and operation of AWS environments as part of the project and managed service delivery.
• Automated deployment and configuration of application stacks, environments, and operational automation in AWS, using AWS native tooling.
• Design, development of, implementation, and operation of solutions using AWS technologies.
• Development and support for the development of data-related solutions in AWS environments.
• Work with Python for data manipulation and AWS automation, including serverless using Lambda.
• Working with the project delivery and managed service teams in a distributed work environment where the work is delivered by TerraAlto team members, third-party service providers, and client personnel.
• Building knowledge of new technologies and techniques as they become relevant to the organization and our client projects.

The person;
• A technical person who demonstrates knowledge and proficiency across a number of technologies with the ability to get things done!
• Can work as a valued technical team member.
• Capable developer and scripter with Python.
• Organized, quality-oriented, and able to manage time and priorities.
• Well able to communicate clearly and concisely in the written and spoken word (in fluent English)..
• A clear-thinking problem solver, who is comfortable making decisions.
• Courageous and action-oriented – someone who steps forward and gets ‘stuck in’.
• Flexible, creative and comfortable with change.
• Enthusiastic about learning and is ambitious.
• Someone with a sense of humor and a positive outlook on life.