Newcourt Retirement Fund Managers specialise in self-invested pension contracts and is one of a small number of companies approved by the Pensions Board and Revenue Commissioners to provide a Self Invested PRSA contract. TerraAlto supported them with the migration of business systems to AWS.

Business Driver for Migration to AWS
This customer have significant compliance obligations and after the considering how best to meet these obligations, they decided to migrate from an on-premise datacenter to AWS. They requested TerraAlto to manage and implement this transition. As a fast growing business that is driven by legislation, business and customer requirements. They required a cost effective solution with high availability, scalability and flexibility.

Some of the challenges involved in this project were to:

  • Securely migrating sensitive data from on-premise to AWS.
  • Designing a highly available and fault tolerant system.
  • Ensuring they are able to continue to access and work on their business systems in the event of loss of office location or local Internet access.
  • Perform thorough system testing prior to cutover of business users.

Solution Proposed

  • Dual link VPN connection from on-premise to AWS VPC and Remote Gateway service in AWS via load balancer to allow for remote and BCP connectivity.
  • Migration of data and servers over VPN link using Racemi Dynacenter.
  • Ongoing maintenance, configuration management, security and continous compliance using SSM, Cloudformation, CodeDeploy, Lambda, Config, Cloudtrail, Inspector and CloudWatch.
  • Encryption of all data at rest and in transit externally.
  • Migration of existing AD domain, via multi-master domain replication.

Benefits Delivered

  • Much easier to achieve and verify security and compliance obligations.
  • No hardware capital expense, no need to purchase new hardware for an infrastructure refresh.
  • The ability to easily scale vertically and horizontally at a regional, macro and application stack level.
  • Availability, increased availability across all application stacks migrated to or deployed in AWS.
  • Flexibility to change course or decommission application stacks with out significant sunk costs.
  • Access to and the benefit from a lot of innovative services.