Our customer is a global dairy company operating in Europe and Asia. They are one of the 10 largest dairy companies in the world. TerraAlto supported their journey to AWS and now provide their ongoing managed services.

In recent years, they were considering alternate options to traditional hosted datacenter services. Some contracts were coming to end of life and they wanted to give consideration to more flexible, innovative and cost effective options. The customer requested TerraAlto to provide an overview and introduction to AWS.

TerraAlto spent a significant amount of time introducing the customer to the capabilities and benefits of AWS. We worked closely with them to setup a secure, compliant and flexible foundation environment in AWS.

As their knowledge of and confidence in AWS as a hosting and innovation solution grew, we have assisted them in the migration of workloads from existing datacentres. Over time their strategy for new deployments became one of Cloud first and AWS first. Their inhouse expertise has grown over this time and now we work closely with them on Big Data, IoT, Serverless and DataWarehousing projects.

TerraAlto are also their managed service partner for AWS environments and application stacks, in Europe, Asia and also in AWS China.

Some of the challenges involved in this project were to:

  • Build confidence in AWS as a suitable solution for global enterprise, in an organization that had limited previous knowledge of cloud services.
  • Developing an effective and fast migration strategy than had the support of business and IT.
  • Enabling in-house teams, developers and other 3rd parties with automated deployment and freedom to innovate.
  • Sharing knowledge and assisting in the building of in-house competency center.
  • Decoupling the application & database and test & production layers for future flexibility.
  • Designing highly available and fault tolerant systems.

Benefits Delivered

  • No hardware capital expense, no need to purchase new hardware for an infrastructure refresh.
  • The ability to easily scale vertically and horizontally at a regional, macro and application stack level.
  • Availability, increased availability across all application stacks migrated to or deployed in AWS.
  • Flexibility to change course or decommission application stacks with out significant sunk costs.
  • Access to and the benefit from a lot of innovative services.