The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital is a level 4 teaching hospital based in Dublin, it provides a range of front-line and specialist services on a local, regional and national level. As part of ongoing modernization and infrastructure maintenance, they had a requirement to migrate end user workstations and server compute for Citrix to the cloud and specifically a ‘resource location’ for compute in AWS. Citrix Cloud supports the configuration and management of Citrix compute and resources deployed in multiple locations including AWS.


  • Expertise: As an advanced consulting partner working with Citrix and cloud for 10+ years, the Mater were confident that we had the knowledge and expertise needed for this project.
  • Service-Fit: With a managed service team for Citrix and a complementary team for cloud environments, alongside our migration and modernization services for both end user compute and cloud, we were well place to provide a migration program from on-premises. With smooth on-boarding to managed service operations, security by design, and compliance validation.
  • Local Presence: Our local presence in Ireland ensures the convenience of being able to meet face-to-face whenever necessary as part of the migration program and on-going managed service provision.

Results and Benefits Delivered

  • Drive Efficient Operations: By integrating operations and managed services for previously separately managed platforms, the Mater have been able to reduce resourcing and costs related to the provision and management of end user compute.
  • Scalability: Considering the inherent agility and scalability of the cloud platform, along with the flexibility with which deploy operational capacity can be deployed via Citrix Cloud Orchestrator, this platform is capable of supporting evolving business needs.
  • High Availability: The high availability and fault tolerant design options available with Citrix Cloud Orchestrator and compute services in the cloud, alongside our SLA-driven managed service means that a higher levels availability and resilience can now be provided. Including seamless provision of business continuity and disaster recovery for this platform.
  • With emerging risks in an increasingly complex regulatory environment the cloud environment provides more and better options around security and compliance to help protect the Mater’s business and customers.

About PFH a RICOH Company

PFH is an AWS Advanced Consulting partner and Managed Service Provider program member with an AWS DevOps Competency, who helps organizations build and manage advanced solutions utilizing AWS services. With extensive experience of delivering greenfield implementations, migrations, modernization, and application innovations, we have worked with a wide range of client organizations ranging from tech start-ups to large global organizations.

As an approved member of the AWS Managed Service Provider Partner Program, we provide 24/7/365 managed services for AWS environments in Europe and in Asia (including China). As an active participant in the AWS Well-Architected Framework Program, we help our clients to ensure secure and compliant usage of AWS services including the building of automated compliance frameworks for enterprise-wide exception alerting and reporting.